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My name is Gemma Young, leading up to becoming a qualified sports massage practitioner, I was involved within sport myself, varying from things like hockey, netball, basketball and finishing with Shot Putt, that I trained and competed in for 5 years. I was Wiltshire County Champion and South West Champion at Shot putt but it created more injuries for me than any of the team sports I took part in.

One such injury was the classic tennis elbow which is a repetitive strain injury of the tendon in the elbow, this inhibited my progress through the shot putt scene for some 18 months, I sought many treatments to help potentially fix the issue, I tried physiotherapy, ultrasound and infrared treatment, resulting in no change I still couldn’t throw a shot putt.

One day a friend recommended a lady who practices sports massage, so I made myself an appointment, it took just that appointment to fix the issue I had been suffering with for 18 months, that is when I realised there was more to massage than relaxation and I wanted to know more, so I went to college and studied sports development which included a module on massage, this is when I realised that massage was my ‘calling’ and went on to study sports conditioning, rehabilitation and massage at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where I qualified as a level 4 sports massage practitioner.